Featured Placement – Affiliates

Getting Featured Placement for your Affiliate Site

At POGGWebmasters we value the affiliates that take the time to contribute to our community and look to support those affiliates that support us.

As such we’re happy to offer links, both on our forum and on our homepage, to those affiliates that behave in a responsible fashion when it comes to choosing their partners and that regularly contribute to our forum community.

3-Tier Seal System

We offer 3 different levels of Accreditation for affiliates that are defined as follows:

Associated – this status is available for affiliates that do not work with any program on our Blacklist.

Approved – This status can only be held by affiliates that only work with programs listed on our Recommended or Needs Work page. No affiliate that works with less than 5 programs can achieve a rating above Approved.

Trusted – This status can only be held by affiliates that exclusively work with programs on our Recommended page.

To be clear, the restrictions in the above list apply to ALL sites that an affiliate owns/is responsible for.

While in most cases the above requirements are all that’s needed to hold our seal, we do reserve the right to deny or terminate any affiliates seal privileged at our sole discretion for any reason without offering explanation, though we may choose to do so.

Forum Links

Affiliates are allowed to create links in both their profile page and the signature of their forum account as long as they hold one of the above seals and display this seal somewhere on their site. We don’t offer sponsored placements to operators specifically so we can stand up for the best interests of affiliates. This significantly curtails our earning capacity, so we ask the small imposition of a link from the affiliates that would like links in return.

To retain the right to links within their profile and signature an affiliate does have to maintain an active presence within the forum community. If an account becomes inactive we do reserve the right to remove links in an effort to preserve the strength of links for other contributing members.

We consider any account that has not made a post in 6 months inactive.

Homepage Links

Unlike other sites, we are not offering ‘paid for’ links to any affiliate. If you want the Feature spots on our homepage there’s a far cheaper way to get them. The requirements to be shown in the ‘Trusted Affiliate Portals’ position are as follows:

1) Hold one of the seal statuses detailed above.

2) Post frequently on our message boards.

Featured placements will be awarded on the 1st day of every month (or as soon as our team can get to this job) to those affiliates that hold Associated, Approved or Trusted status based on the number of posts made by them over the course of the previous month. Trusted affiliates will have their post count tripled while Approved affiliates will have their post count doubled when it comes to considering placement and higher level affiliates will be selected in cases of ties.

So to give an example we have 4 affiliates – A, B, C and D. A holds Trusted status, B holds Approved status and C and D hold Associated status. They’ve made the following number of posts over the month

A – 10
B – 18
C – 31
D – 30

As A is Trusted and B is Approved, their post count is tripled and doubled respectively giving the following results:

A – 30
B – 36
C – 31
D – 30

So when it comes to considering who would be awarded a feature placement, B would receive the first placement, then C would be chosen next, then A (as the Trusted affiliate wins ties) and finally D.

This system is intended to reward affiliates that choose their partners responsibly and contribute regularly while providing the players using our forums a quick and easy way of knowing the type of programs the affiliate works with.

So all you need to do to get the featured placements you want is participate on our forums. Before signing up please be aware that you will need an official affiliate forum account set up by site admin, so if you’re looking to get involve contact us at poggwebmasters@thepogg.com and we’ll get you set up.