Closed Affiliate Programs

This page lists the Affiliate Programs that have closed. A graveyard of folded programs.


  Icon Status Description  
  Not Recommended Affiliate Programs in this category have displayed some webmaster-unfriendly practices that make us unwilling to send webmasters to them. This icon can also be used to denote a closed Affiliate Program.  
  Blacklisted Affiliate Program is on our Blacklist. These Affiliate Programs represent operators that we believe to have engaged in unacceptable practices.  
  Closed Affiliate Program is no longer available. We neither monitor terms nor accept complaints from closed Affiliate Programs.  
  Green + (for complaints) These Affiliate Programs hold our thePOGG Deposit Guarantee Deposit Guarantee and have agreed in advance to discuss all complaints and share all relevant evidence.  
  Green (for complaints) These Affiliate Programs have consistently been willing to discuss all complaints and have shared all relevant evidence.  
  Amber (for complaints) Amber Affiliate Programs are willing to discuss low level complaints, but have been unwilling to share evidence to support confiscation of webmaster funds during previous complaints.  
  Red (for complaints) These Affiliate Programs have been unwilling to discuss any webmaster complaints with us.  
  Grey (for complaints) We have not had reason to attempt to discuss webmaster complaints with this group. As such we don't yet know how they'll respond.  


Closed Affiliate Programs List

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Name Response to Complaints
32Red Affiliates
377Bet untested
AdamEve Partners
Aff Luck Machine resposive to low level complaints
AffDaddy non-responsive
AffRevenues non-responsive
BestPay Partners non-responsive
Bet4Joy Partners untested
BigDollar Affiliates untested Affiliates non-responsive
Caliber Affiliates untested
Casino Extra Affiliates untested
Chips Palace Partners non-responsive
Coin Gaming Partners untested
Cyber Club Affiliates non-responsive
Dazzle Affiliates untested
Dendera Affiliates untested
Digibet Affiliates non-responsive
Fashion TV Affiliates non-responsive
Fastlane Affiliates non-responsive
Firebrand Affiliates resposive to low level complaints
Golden Palace Affiliates resposive to low level complaints
Grand Wild Partners non-responsive
Guts Affiliates holds ThePOGG Deposit Guarantee
Harbour Gaming untested
HC untested
Heavy Chip Partners non-responsive
Hippodrome Affiliates resposive to low level complaints
IntraGame Affiliates non-responsive
Jackpot Luck Affiliates
Jubise Affiliates untested
LuckyDino Affiliates untested
MaxRevShare Affiliates untested
Quartz Affiliates untested
RajahBet Affiliates non-responsive
Refilliates very responsive
Roxy Affiliates very responsive
Sunset Affiliates untested
Terminal Poker Affiliates untested
Vegas Sky untested
VegastoMacau Affiliates untested