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Affiliate Hub Affiliate Hub represent the Sky brand products which target almost exclusively the UK market. Submit a complaint Terms Monitored Join Program

Earnings & Commisions

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Sky Casino

Complaint History


Earning Information

NDPs Revenue Share %
0-5 5%
25+ 25%

* The bottom tier of the revenue ladder offered by Affiliate Hub is below the 15% minimum bar we consider unsustainable for affiliates and as such this is considered to be a Minimum Activity term.

Revenue Calculation Formula

Net Revenue = Gross Revenue less the following deductions, to the extent that they are applicable to the relevant Net Revenue: (i) Chargebacks; (ii) comps, bonuses, manual adjustments, free bets, promotional cash offers and any other credits granted by Sky to Customers; (iii) cancelled or void bets;(iv) monies attributable to fraud; (v) any licence fee payable by Sky to third parties in respect of materials or intellectual property of third parties incorporated into or included in the relevant Gambling Product (including for the avoidance of doubt the fee payable by Sky in relation to the provision of the back-end software on which the Gambling Product operates); and (vi) any applicable duties, taxes, levies, imposts or other similar charges legally and validly payable by Sky to any relevant authority

CPA – Available or request.

Negative Carry Over – No.

Minimum Payment – wire transfers, the minimum is £700, UK Same Day Transfer is £100, Intercash is $200 USD, Moneybookers is £20 and Neteller is £20.

Payment Date – Not defined.

Payment Methods – Cheque, electronic wire transfer, Moneybookers, Neteller, BACS

Sub Affiliate Commission – None.

Terms and Conditions

Minimum Activity Quota – Yes. The minimum tier of the Affiliate Hub revenue ladder is low enough to be unsustainable for affiliates. As such we consider this an effective Minimum Activity Quota.

How long does player revenue last? – Revenue for referred players is paid for the lifetime of the player’s activity.

Are earnings from different products bundled – Yes.

Are earnings from different brands bundled – Not Applicable.

Tracking Cookies Duration – No information listed.

Tracking Cookies Overwritten – No information listed.

General Information

Verticals – Bingo, Casino, Live Casino, Poker, Sportsbook

Contact Details

Email –

Country Restrictions for Players – All countries other than the following: United Kingdom, Ireland, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, the Channel Islands or Finland

Country Restrictions for Affiliates – None

Languages Available for players – English


Alderney Gambling Control Commisssion

United Kingdom Gambling Commission

Software providers used – Cryptologic, IGT, Net Entertainment

Program Reputation

Player Issues – SkyVegas have continued to run several card games from that appear to be provided by the Finsoft/GTECH providers. This provider was shown to have altered the probabilities of occurrence of the cards in some of their games away from those that would naturally occur when playing with a deck of cards. Most well regulated gambling jurisdictions would not allow this practice.

For references see –

Affiliate Issues – Affiliate Hub made significant changes to their affiliate terms and conditions in November 2015 and retroactively enforced these against current affiliates having a significantly detrimental impact on their affiliates. Where a program chooses to do this there is effectively no contact between the affiliate and the vendor, creating for an unsustainably unstable relationship.

For references see –


Affiliates should be aware of the following term:

“3.1.4 Affiliates are not permitted to appear under search terms that contain Sky Marks or any other Sky owned or controlled brand names and should therefore, wherever possible, add Sky brand names as a negative keyword;”


“7.2 Sky takes the infringement of content and the copying of websites very seriously. If an affiliate can prove that another affiliate has copied their website, then the infringing affiliate’s participation in the Affiliate Programme will be suspended pending a full investigation and terminated if the infringement is proven to have occurred.”


With regard to player issues at AffiliateHub properties, will not work with any operator that knowing offers games from providers that have run deceptive games that do not conform to the natural probabilities of the physical object they represent.

That said, we are talking about a small number of games that are likely to be low traffic.

It’s also fair to say that for the size of the AffiliateHub’s operation the number of complaints that turn up is small.

All of the above taken into consideration we would understand other affiliates that worked with Affiliate Hub.

However if you’re going to consider working with Affiliate Hub you should be aware of the term regarding ranking for any ‘Sky’ mark. You cannot control what Google ranks you for and this term could conceivable be used to justify closure of the account of any affiliate that by chance ranks well for a term like ‘SkyVegas Review’.

More significantly this program retroactively enforced new terms on old affiliates in November 2015, dropping revenue levels for any affiliate that fails to send 5 new players every month to levels that we feel constitutes a Minimum Activity clause. A Minimum Activity clause in itself would be enough that we’d discourage affiliates from working with a program, but retroactively changing terms means that there’s effectively no contact for affiliates. Any rule can change at any time and the affiliate has to agree to the changes or lose out on all future earnings. Alongside this the changes made for one of the worst revenue ladders we’ve ever seen.

We really can’t say it strongly enough – affiliates should not work with this program.

This affiliate program is not recommended, click to pick one from our recommended list

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