Affiliate Program Review Status Criteria

Below you’ll find the basic criteria required by any Affiliate Program to hold specific statuses:

Recommended – To hold Recommended status an Affiliate Program must hold primarily friendly affiliate terms and conditions and a positive reputation with both players and affiliates. This means that their cannot be significant unresolved complaints about the Affiliate Program or their operators. This will be judged at the discretion of the POGGWebmasters team.

Needs Work – Affiliate Programs listed in the Needs Work category are those that have some minor affiliate term issues, have engaged in some poor practice or have a low volume of unresolved player or affiliate complaints.

Not Recommended – Affiliate Programs listed in the Not Recommended category either have significantly detrimental affiliate terms and conditions, substantial volumes of unresolved player or affiliate issues or particularly concerning player or affiliate issue.

One major factor that will result in automatic Not Recommended status will be the inclusion of a Minimum Activity Quota. These terms are bad for affiliate for obvious reasons but also have a significant negative impact on players as discussed here. The only exception to this rule will be where the Minimum Activity Quota is based on clicks and the affiliate can reasonably be expected to meet the quota themselves.

Blacklisted – Affiliate Programs listed in the Blacklist category are those programs that we feel are engaged in activities that are actively detrimental to players, affiliates and the industry in general. Activities that are likely to end a program up in this category are working with operators that have been found using non-random software, have excessive volumes of unresolved player complaints especially though not exclusively related to non-payment, are found to be using stolen software or representing licenses they do not hold or any other practice that the POGGWebmasters team at its sole discretion deems to be unethical or immoral.