Terms of use for Dispute Resolution service

ThePOGG.com has been providing Dispute Resolution services since 2012. Since that time we have managed disputes for players located in an assortment of countries with casinos located in the same or different countries.

POGGWebmasters.com was launched in 2016 with the intention of extending this Dispute Resolution service to affiliates working within the gambling sector.

Our services are free of charge for both affiliates and operators. While our player focused platform does hold Accreditation as and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service with the UKGC, our affiliate focused platform functions out-with this remit.

Our Dispute Resolution service is open to all affiliates registered with POGGWebmasters.com. (To register, click here). Affiliates can submit a complaint electronically by clicking here.

Please note – use of any of the information or services on this site will be considered to be an acceptance of all of the relevant terms of use.

Use of the Dispute Mediation section

By submitting a complaint to POGGWebmasters.com you are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions for use of this site including the terms specifically related to the use of the Dispute Mediation section.

  • Our Dispute Resolution service is open to all users registered with POGGWebmasters.com. To register, click here.
  • If during the management of the complaint you are required to provide us with any supporting evidence this can be submitted via email at webmaster@thepogg.com or via post at the above address. File sizes too large to be received by email can be accommodated upon request.
  • You hereby give assurance that during your time working with the affected operator that you have followed all of the terms, conditions and rules put in place relevant to that affiliate program at the time of signing-up and at the time of any disputed transactions, if relevant.
  • You agree that once the complaint is submitted, you will actively take part in the subsequent discussion and mediation process. If you fail to respond within the relevant time frame when required to do so, the complaint will be closed and marked ‘Found for the Affiliate Program’.
  • You agree to provide whatever permission the affected operator requires to allow them to share any and all information relevant to your account. This includes any and all personal information where there are issues of suspected fraud or identity theft. Permission is required to protect the operator from infringements of the Data Protection Act. Permission can take a variety of forms and it is the complainant’s responsibility to meet whatever requirements the operator sets. If when requested to provide permission the complainant fail to do so within a reasonable time frame, we will view this as intentional obstruction of our investigation and will close your complaint and mark it ‘Found for the Affiliate Program’.
  • You accept that some relevant sensitive information which the operator may share with this site may not be suitable for publication. As such you accept that in some instances this site may be required to close a complaint and find for an operator based on secure information provided to us that clearly demonstrates that you – the affiliate – have breached one or more of the involved affiliate program’s terms and conditions without publishing, or sharing with you, any of the relevant information.
  • You accept that we may share any and all information you have provided us with via your interactions with POGGWebmasters.com to the involved program/s, relevant regulatory bodies, law enforcement agencies or any other 3rd party we deem relevant to our investigation.
  • You agree that these terms and conditions can be changed at any time without notice.
  • You agree to abide by the complaints rules as laid out in the Dispute Mediation section of this site.
  • If your behaviour becomes rude or threatening towards POGGWebmasters.com or its representatives we reserve the right to close your complaint. In such circumstances we may at our sole discretion choose to publish any communication we have had with you for the protection of this site and its reputation. If we choose to do this we will remove all personal information that could be used to identify the individual beyond the username they have chosen to register with this site.
  • In all complaint situations, the contents of the final report will be edited to remove all personal or sensitive information. This includes but is not limited to Names, Addresses, Telephone Numbers, Bank or Payment details, email addresses and usernames.
  • In all complaint situations, the content of the final report will be edited to remove any unsupported accusations, inappropriate language or offensive material. Making offensive posts may result in the termination of your complaint.