Recommended Affiliate Programs

recommended gambling affiliate programsOn this page you will find the cream of the crop, those programs that we actually Recommend affiliates work with. These programs have friendly affiliate terms and conditions and have maintained exceptional reputations with both affiliates and players. Working with these programs, in our opinion, is doing your players a service by sending them to some of the best operators in the business whilst also looking after your own business interests.


  Icon Status Description  
  Not Recommended Affiliate Programs in this category have displayed some webmaster-unfriendly practices that make us unwilling to send webmasters to them. This icon can also be used to denote a closed Affiliate Program.  
  Blacklisted Affiliate Program is on our Blacklist. These Affiliate Programs represent operators that we believe to have engaged in unacceptable practices.  
  Closed Affiliate Program is no longer available. We neither monitor terms nor accept complaints from closed Affiliate Programs.  
  Green + (for complaints) These Affiliate Programs hold our thePOGG Deposit Guarantee Deposit Guarantee and have agreed in advance to discuss all complaints and share all relevant evidence.  
  Green (for complaints) These Affiliate Programs have consistently been willing to discuss all complaints and have shared all relevant evidence.  
  Amber (for complaints) Amber Affiliate Programs are willing to discuss low level complaints, but have been unwilling to share evidence to support confiscation of webmaster funds during previous complaints.  
  Red (for complaints) These Affiliate Programs have been unwilling to discuss any webmaster complaints with us.  
  Grey (for complaints) We have not had reason to attempt to discuss webmaster complaints with this group. As such we don't yet know how they'll respond.  


Recommended Affiliate Programs List

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Name Response to Complaints
7Star Partners
Ace Lucky Affiliates
Affiliate Cruise very responsive
Affiliate Edge very responsive
Affiliates SOS
AffVantage Affiliates holds ThePOGG Deposit Guarantee
All Australian Affiliates holds ThePOGG Deposit Guarantee
All British Affiliates holds ThePOGG Deposit Guarantee
All Irish Affiliates holds ThePOGG Deposit Guarantee
Allegro Affiliates
Amazing Casino Affiliates
Bet Sonic Affiliates
Bet11888 Affiliates
BetBizz Affiliates
BetCos Affiliates
BetCruise Affiliates untested
BetRool Affiliates
BetWorld Affiliates untested
BGO Buddies very responsive
Big Affiliates
Big Apple Affiliates
Big City Slots Affiliates
Big Rock Slots Affiliates
Big Tease Bingo Affiliates
Biggest Bingo Affiliates
Bingo Bongo Affiliates
Bingo Calling Affiliates
Bingo Cove
Bingo Dome Affiliates
Bingo Hall Affiliates
Bingo Iceland Affiliates
Bingo Jetset Affiliates
Bingo Me Happy Affiliates
Bingo Parlour Affiliates
Bingo Please Affiliates
Bingo Rewards
Bingo Yard Affiliates
Bingo52 Affiliates
BitGames Affiliates
BitStarz Affiliates untested
Blue Sky Affiliates
Bonnier Gaming holds ThePOGG Deposit Guarantee
Boss Gaming Studios
Breakout Affiliates
Bring It holds ThePOGG Deposit Guarantee
Carlton Games Affiliates
Casillion Affiliates
Casino Calzone Affiliates
Casino Head Affiliates
Casino Luck Affiliates holds ThePOGG Deposit Guarantee
Casino Revenues
CasinoCasino Affiliates
Casumo Affiliates very responsive
Chance Hill Affiliates untested
Charming Bingo Affiliates
Cheers Bingo Affiliates
Cherry Affiliates very responsive
Coco Slots Affiliates
Cosmos Affiliates
Crazy Fortune Affiliates
Creative Media Affiliates
Delicious Slots Affiliates
Destiny Spin Affiliates
Divine Slots Affiliates
DoubleStar Affiliates untested
Dunder Affiliates untested
Earn Affiliates untested
Easi Games untested
EatSleepBet Affiliates
Ellmount Gaming untested
Empire Bingo Affiliates
Emu Partners untested
Eshkol Affiliates
Everum Partners very responsive
Fantasino Affiliates
Flip Affiliates untested
Flower Pot Bingo Affiliates
Freaky Vegas Affiliates very responsive
FreeSpins Affiliates holds ThePOGG Deposit Guarantee
Fruity Affiliates untested
Full Cream Affiliates very responsive
Fun Casino Affiliates
GalaxyPig Affiliates
Game Revenue
Gaming Innovation Group (GIG) Affiliates holds ThePOGG Deposit Guarantee
Genting Affiliates very responsive
Global Live Partners very responsive
Gold Rush Slots Affiliates
GoldBet Affiliates untested
Golden Euro Affiliates untested
Good Day Bingo Affiliates
Grosvenor Affiliates untested
Happy Affiliates
Hero Affiliates untested
Honest Partners untested
Iconic Bingo Affiliates
iGaming Partners untested
Ignite Bingo
Ikibu Affiliates
Interpartners holds ThePOGG Deposit Guarantee
Intertops Affiliates untested
Ivy Affiliates untested
Jumpman Affiliates
Jupiter Gaming Online
K8 Partners
Karl Affiliates holds ThePOGG Deposit Guarantee
Larry Affiliates
Lifland Affiliates untested
Lindar Affiliates
Lively Partners
Loquax Games
Lord Slot Affiliates
Lucky Admiral Affiliates
Lucky Affs
Lucky Cow Bingo Affiliates
Lucky Jar very responsive
Lucky Rainbow Bingo Affiliates
Lucky Star Affiliates
Lucky Touch Bingo Affiliates
Magical Spin Affiliates
Mainstreet Affiliates untested
Maxi Affiliates
Meteor Affiliates
Mobil6000 Affiliates very responsive
Money Saver Bingo Affiliates
MrWin Affiliates
Mucho Vegas Affiliates
Multi Victory Slots Affiliates
My Stars Bingo Affiliates Affiliates
Net Gaming Solutions very responsive
No Bonus Affiliates holds ThePOGG Deposit Guarantee
Norges Affiliates
Norske Affiliates holds ThePOGG Deposit Guarantee
Oh My Partners
OmniSlots Affiliates untested
PAF Partners untested
Pantaloo Affiliates
Pinnacle Sports Affiliates untested
Plain Partners untested
PlayCasinoGames Affiliates
PlayGrand Affiliates untested
PlayHippo Affiliates untested
Pokies Affiliates untested
Polder Affiliates holds ThePOGG Deposit Guarantee
Rap Chic Bingo Affiliates
Revenue Partners
Rocket Bingo Affiliates
Roy Richie Partners
Royal Affiliates
RP Affiliates untested
Shadow Affiliates
Slot Shack Affiliates
Slotastic Affiliates untested
Slots Game Club Affiliates
Spice Bingo Affiliates
Sporting Index
Sports Interaction Affiliates holds ThePOGG Deposit Guarantee
Stakes Affiliates
Staybet Partners
SunSun Affiliates
Super Affs
Supr Affiliates
Svedala Affiliates
Taraftar Bet Affiliates
TasBet Affiliates
Tau Affiliates
Thrills Affiliates very responsive
Tidy Bingo Affiliates
Tiki Affiliates
Tipico Affiliates untested
Tivoli Affiliates untested
Top Dog Slots Affiliates
Traffic Label Affiliates
TTR Partners holds ThePOGG Deposit Guarantee
Twenty One Affiliates very responsive
Twin Affiliates
Venture Affiliates
Video Slots Affiliates holds ThePOGG Deposit Guarantee
Viggo Partners
Viks Affiliates
Volcano Bingo Affiliates
Wager Union
WagerJoint holds ThePOGG Deposit Guarantee
Wallis Bingo Affiliates
WaroBet Affiliates
WCasino Affiliates
White Mountain Affiliates
Wild Wild Bet Affiliates
WixStars Affiliates
WTG Bingo Affiliates
Yako Casino Affiliates
Yeti Affiliates
Yohoo Slots Affiliates