Featured Placement – Operators

Getting Featured Placement for your Affiliate Program

Here at POGGWebmasters we understand your needs as an operator and an Affiliate Manager and know that you likely want to maximise your brand’s exposure on this site to attract as many new affiliate partners as possible. While we know you’ll be familiar with and used to the paid for placement systems used at other affiliate communities, we’re confident you’ll be happy to hear that gaining premium placements at POGGWebmasters won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

So how do we decide who will be shown on our homepage in the featured positions? There are two criteria that gain a program a featured position:

1) The program has to hold either ‘Recommended’ or ‘Needs Work’ status on POGGWebmasters. Any other status unfortunately doesn’t qualify.

2) Be active within our message board community.

Featured placements will be awarded on the 1st day of every month to those programs that hold Recommended or Needs Work status based on the number of posts made by their forum reps over the course of the previous month. Recommended Programs will have their post count doubled when it comes to considering placement and Recommended programs will be selected in cases of ties.

So to give an example we have 4 programs – A, B, C and D. A and B both hold Recommended status while C and D hold Needs Work status. They’ve made the following number of posts over the month

A – 33
B – 12
C – 40
D – 24

As A and B are Recommended, their post count is doubled giving the following results:

A – 66
B – 24
C – 40
D – 24

So when it comes to considering who would be awarded a feature placement, A would receive the first placement, C would be chosen next, then B (as the Recommended program wins ties) and finally D.

Why do we select our featured programs this way?

There are 2 significant reasons for selecting programs to feature based on their contribution to our community:

1) Our top priority has always and will always be the to do our best to help the users of our sites. Both players and affiliate benefit when they have a quick and convenient way to contact an operator representative. As such we want to encourage you as operators to take an active role within our community.

2) We feel that the paid for placement system ties the hands of the portal when it comes to taking quick and decisive action against operators engaging in bad practice. Where a portal has accepted an upfront fee to place adverts for a predetermined period of time this creates an impediment that while not completely insurmountable unquestionably delays the ability to respond to the situation. Where either affiliates or players are being mistreated we want to be able to take quick action against the offending party.

So all you need to do to get the featured placements you want is participate on our forums. Before signing up please be aware that you will need an official operator forum account set up by site admin, so if you’re looking to get involve contact us at poggwebmasters@thepogg.com and we’ll get you set up.