Affiliate Programs that Need Work

The Affiliate programs listed in this section have not met the required standards to be listed as ‘Recommended’ with However, the problems preventing them from obtaining Recommended status aren’t so significant that we would discourage affiliates from working with these programs.

In general the problems associated with the programs below fall into the category of low levels of player or affiliate issues that have not been resolved, some questionable terms and conditions (for players) or some worrying media reports. Many of these programs could choose to address these issue (though we accept that some are not fixable) and move into our Recommended section if they so chose.

Obviously we would encourage affiliates to look at our Recommended Affiliate Programs first, but you may also find some interesting partners here.


  Icon Status Description  
  Not Recommended Affiliate Programs in this category have displayed some webmaster-unfriendly practices that make us unwilling to send webmasters to them. This icon can also be used to denote a closed Affiliate Program.  
  Blacklisted Affiliate Program is on our Blacklist. These Affiliate Programs represent operators that we believe to have engaged in unacceptable practices.  
  Closed Affiliate Program is no longer available. We neither monitor terms nor accept complaints from closed Affiliate Programs.  
  Green + (for complaints) These Affiliate Programs hold our thePOGG Deposit Guarantee Deposit Guarantee and have agreed in advance to discuss all complaints and share all relevant evidence.  
  Green (for complaints) These Affiliate Programs have consistently been willing to discuss all complaints and have shared all relevant evidence.  
  Amber (for complaints) Amber Affiliate Programs are willing to discuss low level complaints, but have been unwilling to share evidence to support confiscation of webmaster funds during previous complaints.  
  Red (for complaints) These Affiliate Programs have been unwilling to discuss any webmaster complaints with us.  
  Grey (for complaints) We have not had reason to attempt to discuss webmaster complaints with this group. As such we don't yet know how they'll respond.  


Affiliate Programs that Need Work List