RSP Partners Affiliates Program Review

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Earnings & Commisions

Revenue Share 25-35%


Red Star Casino

Complaint History

There are no complaints registered at this time.

Earning Information

Net Revenue Revenue Share %
$1-$10000 25%
$10001-$20000 30%
$20001+ 35%

Revenue Calculation Formula

Net Revenue = Not defined.

CPA – Not Available.

Negative Carry Over – Yes. Negative balances will be carried forward and offset against future revenue.

Minimum Payment – $50.

Payment Date – Within the first 15 days of the month.

Payment Methods – Bank Transfer, EcoCard, Neteller, Paypal, Skrill (MoneyBookers)

Sub Affiliate Commission – 5%.

Terms and Conditions

Minimum Activity Quota – Yes, see below;

“6.4 MINIMUM PAYMENT AND TIME OF PAYMENT: All Affiliate Accruals generated through Your Payment Plan will be paid into Your Affiliate Cashier Account within fifteen (15) days of the close of each calendar month. RSP may impose reasonable restrictions on the frequency and amounts that can be cashed out of Your Affiliate Cashier Account for administrative convenience and/or to protect the security of Your account. Further, if the amount due is negative in any particular month, then that negative amount will carry over and be deducted against the following month. In the event, the balance carried over does not exceed US $50 within a consecutive three (3) month period, then the amount due will be voided and cancelled, and RSP has the right to terminate the affiliate agreement in this case.”


“7.4 AUTOMATIC TERMINATION BY RSP (IF YOUR ACCOUNT IS INACTIVE). If Your Affiliate Cashier Account is Inactive, Your Agreement and participation in the Affiliate Network will automatically terminate. In this Section, “Inactive” means where (i) You have not generated sufficient Affiliate Accruals to trigger a payment into Your Affiliate Cashier Account or You have not cashed out any funds (through a withdrawal or a transfer to a Player Account) for one-hundred-and-eighty-three (183) days or more; or (ii) You have failed to respond to any verification mails sent to You within a reasonable time. Where automatic termination occurs, any funds remaining within Your Affiliate Cashier Account will revert to RSP.”

High Roller Policy – None.

How long does player revenue last? – Revenue for referred players is paid for the lifetime of the player’s activity.

Are earnings from different products bundled – Yes.

Are earnings from different brands bundled – Not Applicable.

Tracking Cookies Duration – No information listed.

Tracking Cookies Overwritten – No information listed.

General Information

Verticals – Casino, Live Casino, Poker, Sportsbook

Contact Details

Email –

Country Restrictions for Players – USA, Cyprus, France, United Kingdom

Country Restrictions for Affiliates – None

Languages Available for players – Chinese, English, Russian



Software providers used – Betsoft, Microgaming, Net Entertainment, PlayNGo


Affiliates should be aware of the following term:

“13.6 DEFAULT INTEREST: Subject to Section 9.2, if RSP fails to pay You by the due date any amount payable by RSP under this Agreement, You shall be entitled but not obliged to charge RSP interest on the overdue amount, from the due date up to the date of actual payment, at the rate of 6 per cent per annum.”

Program Reputation

Player Issues – We are aware of no unresolved player issues at any major mediation portals.

Affiliate Issues – We are aware of no unresolved affiliate issues at any major affiliate portals.


As far as players are concerned there have been no issues that we’re aware of that should be of any concern with RedStar.

Likewise, we’re not aware of any affiliate issue. However the inclusion of a Minimum Activity Quota alongside Negative Carry Over are very bad for affiliates. We would recommend choosing an alternative program to work with.

This affiliate program is not recommended, click to pick one from our recommended list

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