House of Jack Affiliate Program Review

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Earnings & Commisions

Revenue Share 25-45%


Casino-MateHouse of Jack Casino

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Complaint History

There are no complaints registered at this time.

Earning Information

NDPs Revenue Share %
0-9 25%
10-19 30%
20-34 35%
35-49 40%
50+ 45%

Revenue Calculation Formula


– Admin Fee: covering Game Vendor Fees, Jackpot Contributions, Platform Fees and Licensing Fees.

– Bonuses: Bonus funds granted to a player minus expired and forfeited bonus amounts

– Tax: Gambling Tax arising from player’s betting activity, only applicable to activity from certain jurisdictions

CPA – Yes, but not defined.

Negative Carry Over – No, see below:

“9.4. If the account is in a negative position (e.g. because total Customer winnings have exceeded total Customer losses) a balance of zero will be carried over to the following month.”

Minimum Payment – €50, €500 for Bank Transfer

Payment Date – Within the first 10 days of the following month.

Payment Methods – Bank TransferEcoPayz, Instadebit, Neteller, Skrill

Sub Affiliate Commission – Yes, see below:

“9.6. 2nd Tier Affiliate Program – You shall be entitled to a referral bonus of 2%, with respect to monthly Revenue generated by visitors who arrive from other Affiliates that are referred to us, directly by you. Please note that negative carry over is applicable to 2nd tier earnings.”

Terms and Conditions

Minimum Activity Quota – Yes, see below;

“9.15. If you become dormant or inactive for a period of three months or more, at any time during this Agreement, we reserve the right to restructure, on an individual basis, the commission model applicable to your account, including any commissions due to you.”

High Roller Policy – Yes, see below:


The Quarantine Policy will come into effect when:

19.1 Any player generates a negative net win (in any given month) which is a greater negative than – €3000.

19.2 The overall net win for the Affiliate (in any given month) is a greater negative than -€2000.

If both of the quarantine measures from point 1 are met, the negative net win generated by the player will be taken and compensated against future net wins by that player in future month/s.

All players placed in quarantine will be visible for Affiliates to view within the profit reporting section in JackedAffiliates.

Any player’s quarantine balance carried forward will not be set-off against other players’ net win.

Quarantine happens in month 1. If a player wins in month 1 and the other players lose in month 1, the Affiliate will be paid commission on the other players in month 1.

In the month that a player surpasses his quarantine value, the Affiliate will begin earning commission for that player again. Explanation of the quarantine policy:

Quarantine happens in month 1. If a player wins €10,000 in month 1 and the other players lose €6,000 in the same month, the Affiliate is paid commission on €6,000, while the €10,000 is quarantined. This Affiliate would otherwise have earned zero in month 1, but now earns commission on €6,000.

Prior to the quarantine policy, an Affiliate would not earn anything and the winnings would be offset against all the other players under the casino and be zeroed.

With a player in quarantine, and for the duration of the quarantine, the player’s negative is excluded from Affiliate casino profit. Once the player has played back his/her negative profit, it will be accounted for as normal in Affiliates’ commission. If the quarantined player never returns and never plays the win back, the casino will suffer the loss alone. At no point will the loss be deducted from any Affiliates’ commission.”

How long does player revenue last? – Revenue for referred players is paid for the lifetime of the player’s activity.

Are earnings from different products bundled – Yes.

Are earnings from different brands bundled – No. Revenue earned on one brand will not be offset against negative balances with another.

Tracking Cookies Duration – No information listed.

Tracking Cookies Overwritten – No information listed.

General Information

Verticals – Casino

Contact Details

Email –

Twitter – JackedAffs

Facebook – jacked.affs.7

Skype – Jacked.Affiliates

Country Restrictions for Players – Australia, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, French Southern and Antarctic Territories, Hungary, Italy, Philippines, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands, U.S. Miscellaneous Pacific Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, United Kingdom, United States

Country Restrictions for Affiliates – None

Languages Available for players – English, German, Russian


Software providers used – Betsoft, Microgaming, Play N’ Go, Quickspin

Program Reputation

Player Issues – House of Jack looked to enforce a self-exclusion at Casino-Mate in order to deny a mid six figure win. Ordinarily this would not be problematic, but House of Jack do not offer any information about their association with Casino-Mate on their site and didn’t not inform the player that the self-exclusion would impact any other property. As such the player would have had no way of knowing that their exclusion would apply at House of Jack. This is a predatory practice that exploits the most vulnerable players.

This issue was subsequently resolved with a settlement type arrangement. Again this makes us very uncomfortable. Where operators engage non-disclosure agreements and settlements this by-and-large indicates taht the player is receiving less than they should, hence the reason the operator do not want the details discussed publicly. Ultimately the player accepted this settlement so we’ve no grounds to take the complaint further, but we still find every aspect of this situation highly questionable.

For references see –

Affiliate Issues – We are not aware of any affiliate issues with Jacked Affiliates.


Where players are concern we have significant concerns about both the Responsible Gambling policies being put in place by this group and by the manner in which they subsequently managed the issue after it came to light. Both of these factors significantly undermine our confidence in the integrity of the management of this program.

When we look at the affiliate terms there’s a Minimum Activity Quota that doesn’t even define how your revenue will be modified after you pass the dormancy period, allowing the program absolute discretion in what happens to your earnings.

Nothing about this group adds up to a smart choice of partner for us.

This affiliate program is recommended

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