Drake Affiliates Program Review

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Earnings & Commisions

Revenue Share


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Complaint History

There are no complaints registered at this time.

Earning Information

Net Revenue Revenue Share %
$0-$10000 25%
$10001-$20000 30%
$20001-$30000 35%
$30001-$45000 40%
$45001+ 45%

Revenue Calculation Formula

Net Revenue = the merchant’s profit, less charge-backs and processing fees, casino royalty fees, complimentary money, free money offers and other incentives offered to the customer.

CPA – Not Available.

Negative Carry Over – No. Chargeback and fraud expenses can be carried forward and offset against future revenue.

Minimum Payment – $500.

Payment Date – Within the first 15 days of the month.

Payment Methods – Cheque, Bank Transfer, Player Account (Credit/Debit cards, Neteller and Skrill (Moneybookers), Bitcoin, Bank Transfer), WesternUnion, MoneyGram

Sub Affiliate Commission – 5%.

Terms and Conditions

Minimum Activity Quota – No.

High Roller Policy – Yes, see below:

“In the event that an Affiliate has a player that has won more than $5,000 (a “Big Winner”) in a single month which causes the Affiliates overall earnings to be negative, Drake Affiliate Program reserves the right to contact the Affiliate and temporarily remove the Big Winner from the Affiliates Channel (herein known as ‘fencing’). The formula that Drake Affiliate Program will use to determine if a player has won more than $5,000 in NGR from the first of the month until 11:59pm on the last day of the month. The following outlines the fencing process:

1. In the event that a player wins over $5,000 causing the referring Affiliates earnings to be negative at months end, that player will be temporarily removed or fenced from under the Affiliate, until which time the Big Winner has lost back their winnings.

2. Earnings from the current month will be retained by the Affiliate, as the Big Winner will be fenced in the month in which the win occurred.

3. Once the negative net win from the Big Winner is recouped, they will be returned to the Affiliate to earn off future positive net win.”

How long does player revenue last? – Revenue for referred players is paid for the lifetime of the player’s activity.

Are earnings from different products bundled – Not Applicable.

Are earnings from different brands bundled – Yes.

Tracking Cookies Duration – No information listed.

Tracking Cookies Overwritten – No information listed.

General Information

Verticals – Casino

Contact Details

Email – affiliates@drakecasino.eu

Email – jay@drakeaffiliates.eu

Phone – 1-800-893-2628 FREE

Country Restrictions for Players – Israel, France, The Netherlands, The Netherlands Antilles, Antigua & Barbuda, Pakistan, Canada, Peoples Republic of China, North Korea, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Libya, United Kingdom and the following U.S. States: District of Columbia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, and Washington

Country Restrictions for Affiliates – None

Languages Available for players – English



Software providers used – Arrow’s Edge, Betsoft

Program Reputation

Player Issues – The Drake Affiliate operators have been non-responsive to a complaint submitted to ThePOGG.com, forcing us to take the complaint through Drake casino’s regulator to resolve the issue.

The Drake Affiliate operators carry a dormancy clause allowing the casino to confiscate all balances if there’s no activity on an account for 6 months. We view this term as Predatory.

The Drake Affiliate operators carry a term limiting the payout of progressive jackpot winnings. We view this term as Predatory.

For references see – http://thepogg.com/casino-review/casino-reviews-appendix/#Drake.

Affiliate Issues – We are aware of no unresolved affiliate issues at any major affiliate portals.


The fact that Drake casino failed to respond to a player complaint despite repeated attempts to communicate with them about this issue is concerning to us. That the complaint then turned out to be valid, requiring the operator to take action only adds further to that concern.

Over and above this, the player dormancy and progressive jackpot terms this operator uses are, to our mind, unacceptable.

The Drake Affiliate terms and conditions are reasonably affiliate friendly.

The above issues are enough that we’re not happy sending players to this group, though the issues are low enough level that we wouldn’t be overly critical of other affiliates that choose to.

This program is not recommended but listed in our needs work category

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