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Earnings & Commisions

Revenue Share 25-50%


Cyber Club CasinoJackpot Luck Casino

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Cyber Club AffiliatesJackpot Luck Affiliates

Complaint History

There are no complaints registered at this time.

Earning Information

Net Revenue Revenue Share %
£0-£999 25%
£1000-£2499 30%
£2500-£4999 35%
£5000-£9999 40%
£10000-£19999 45%
£20000+ 50%

Affiliates should be aware of the following term:

“4.3.2. Promotional Commission Offers. If your account has been given a promotional commission rate, the commission rate will remain in effect for the default period of 90 days. In order to maintain the promotional commission rate after the default period, your account will need to produce a minimum of 5 NDP (New Depositing Account) per month.”

Revenue Calculation Formula

Net Revenue = the sum of purchases less redeems generated on your tracker(s) based solely on our log files. Net Revenue is calculated as Gross Revenue less license fees, game provider fees, betting and gaming taxes, payment costs, bonuses and/or loyalty bonuses, jackpot contribution, rake backs given to the Referred Players and chargebacks/refunds.

CPA – Available on request.

Negative Carry Over – Yes. Negative balances will be carried forward and offset against future revenue.

Affiliates should be aware of the following statement:

“4.3.1. No Negative Carry Over. No negative carryover is only available to accounts by seperate negotiation and may be liable to certain terms. If your account has no negative carry over enabled after negotiation of terms and the terms are not adhered to, no negative carryover may be removed from the account and any negative balances for that period will be reinstated to the account. Additionally, any account with no-negative carry over enabled which has more than 3 months of negative balances within a 12 month calender period will automatically have no negative carry over removed. ”

Minimum Payment – £250.

Payment Date – Within the first 15 days of the month.

Payment Methods – Not defined.

Sub Affiliate Commission – Yes, see below:

Tier Revenue Share %
2 8%
3 5%
4 4%
5 3%

Terms and Conditions

Minimum Activity Quota – None.

High Roller Policy – Yes, see below:

“4.6 High Roller Policy. Negative Commissionable revenue generated in any given month by any Players who We, in our sole discretion, determine to be “High Rollers” will be carried forward and offset against future commissionable revenue generated by Players referred by You until such negative commissionable revenue is cleared. The determination of the criteria to categorize a Player as “High Roller” shall be in our sole discretion, and Our sole responsibility in this regard shall be to advise you of the categorisation of any Players referred by you as the same by way of amendment to these terms and conditions. Current criteria for determining our High Roller policy are:
• 4.6.1. if in any given month a player generates negative commissionable revenue of at least €4,000, and the aggregate commissionable revenue in that month (for the casino) for that Affiliate is negative, then such Player shall be deemed to be a High Roller;
• 4.6.2. if both of the above criteria are met (4.6.1) then the negative commissionable revenue generated by the High Roller will be carried forward and offset against future commissionable revenue generated by that High Roller;
• 4.6.3. the negative balance carried forward cannot be set-off against other players’ positive commissionable revenue;
• 4.6.4. the negative balance carried forward cannot be greater than the total aggregate negative commissionable revenue for the affiliate, for that month;
• 4.6.5. if there is more than one High Roller, the negative balance carried forward will be split proportionally between them;
• 4.6.6. The negative balance of a High Roller will be reduced by future positive commissionable revenue that they generate in subsequent months;

How long does player revenue last? – Lifetime of the player.

Affiliates should be aware of the following term:

“3.12 Lifetime Commission. In order to receive lifetime commission from your referred player accounts, Affiliates are required to maintain a continued highly visible marketing presence on their website or websites by way or text links, graphical image links and high quality unique descriptive review content for our brand throughout the lifetime of the marketing agreement. In the event that you remove links, images and content for our brand from your website(s) and/or you fail to refer a minimum of 3 New Depositing Players for 3 consecutive months, we reserve the right to reset and fix your commission rate to the default current base commission rate.”

Are earnings from different products bundled – Yes.

Are earnings from different brands bundled – Yes.

Tracking Cookies Duration – No information listed.

Tracking Cookies Overwritten – No information listed.

General Information

Verticals – Casino, Live Casino

Contact Details

Country Restrictions for Players – American Samoa, Belgium, Denmark, France, Guam, Israel, Italy, Northern Mariana Islands, Spain, Turkey, United States Minor Outlying Islands, United States of America and US Virgin Islands

Country Restrictions for Affiliates – None

Languages Available for players – English



United Kingdom Gambling Commission

Software providers used – Betsoft, Leander, Microgaming, Net Entertainment, NextGen Gaming

Program Reputation

Player Issues – CyberClub casino have been unresponsive to player complaints posted with ThePOGG and other dispute mediation portals.

In one case CyberClub casino are documented to insist that a player send their passport (not a copy) to them for verification, which is absolutely unacceptable.

For references see –

Affiliate Issues – We are aware of no unresolved affiliate issues at any major affiliate portals.


Affiliates should be aware of the following term:

“3.11 Negative Publicity. You shall not create, publish, distribute or permit any written material that can be considered as negative comments or publicity. Negative comments or publicity will be considered as but not limited to, low ratings, negative comments or notices. If an affiliate is found to be publishing negative reviews or comments about Casino Agents or any of our Clients or Brands, the affiliate account will be terminated with immediate effect with all present and future commission forfeited.”


The player issues with CyberClub casino are enough that we’d advise affiliates not to work with this program. However this isn’t where the problems end. The terms and conditions provided by CyberClub Affiliates are all over the place. The issues are summarized below:

• Negative Carryover policies – if your players have a win large enough to create a significant negative balance for you, this creates a situation where you no longer have any incentive to carry on marketing the program’s brands. This leads to a short-term mind set to working relationship between the affiliate and the program. To add to this, the terms are totally inconsistent with regard to Negative Carryover, in some places stating that the default will be no negative carryover and in others stating that negative carryover will be applied unless a custom deal is in place. Affiliates should consider this program to have negative carry over.

• A term prohibiting “low ratings” or “negative comments”. This effectively ties the hands of any affiliate that would genuinely try to be honest when reviewing a casino.

Everything about this program leads us to one conclusion – Not Recommended.

This affiliate program is not recommended, click to pick one from our recommended list

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