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Argyle Partners Argyle Partners represent a couple of sportsbook operations that focus on US sports but do not operate in the US market. Submit a complaint monitoring-not-set Join Program

Earnings & Commisions

Revenue Share 25%


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Complaint History

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Earning Information

Revenue Ladder – 25%

Revenue Calculation Formula

Net Revenue = all Gross Revenues less all of the following:

void or returned stakes
monies paid in the form of UK point of consumption tax;
the cost of bonuses, ‘free bets’ or ‘free chips’ provided to Customers as a promotional or marketing activity;
any Third Party Royalty or jackpot contributions which Argyll Partners’ Sites must pay in respect of any Customers or any of our suppliers
charges levied by electronic payment or credit card organisations, bad debts; monies attributable to fraud and chargebacks, up to a maximum of 5% of Gross Revenues;

CPA – Yes, but not defined.

Negative Carry Over – Yes, see below:

“Argyll Partners shall provide you with statements accessible via your affiliate account detailing the number of Customers and the revenues generated from those Customers, if any, which have accrued to you over the course of the previous calendar month. At the end of a calendar month, Argyll Partners shall record your total share of Net Revenues, if any, during the previous calendar month. In the event that a revenue share in any calendar month is a negative amount, Argyll Partners shall be entitled but not obliged to carry forward and set off such negative amount against future revenue shares which would otherwise be payable to you. However, Argyll Partners shall also be entitled but not obliged to zero the negative balance that would otherwise be carried forward. “

Minimum Payment – £500.

Payment Date – Within 60 days of the end of the month.

Payment Methods – Not defined.

Sub Affiliate Commission – None.

Terms and Conditions

Minimum Activity Quota – Yes, see below;

“Argyll Partners has the right to reduce the revenue share of affiliates, or to terminate this Agreement and remove such affiliates, who do not deliver at least one new Customer in a given calendar month. We will notify you by email where such a reduction or termination will occur. Accounts that are inactive for a longer period (e.g. where you have failed to deliver at least one new Customer in the last six months) may also incur an administrative fee but no such administrative fee will be deducted from your account prior to our having made reasonable efforts to contact you via the contact details last provided by you to Argyll Partners. The administrative fee will be applied against the payments (including future payments) that would otherwise be payable to you. If you have any queries regarding inactive accounts, please contact us for further information.”

High Roller Policy – Yes, see below:

“High Roller Policy
This is only relevant to Affiliates with an agreed commission structure with no negative carryover.
If in any given month a Customer generates a negative Net Revenue of at least £5,000 he/she will be deemed to be, for the purposes of this section, a ‘High-Roller’.
The Affiliate’s monthly payable balance of Commission is automatically reset to £0.00 at the beginning of each calendar month, to ensure that no negative balances are carried forward.
The negative Net Revenue generated by the High-Roller will be carried forward and offset against future Net Revenue generated by that High-Roller;
The negative balance carried forward cannot be set-off against other Customer’s Net Revenue;
The negative balance of a High-Roller will be reduced by future positive Net Revenue that they generate in subsequent months;
A negative balance will not be increased by future negative Net Revenue unless the High-Roller meets the qualifying criteria in subsequent months.
The affiliate will be able to view all adjustments in order to track the High-Roller Player’s net breakeven point. Adjustments will be made at the end of each calendar month based on the cumulative revenue for the month running to protect the Affiliate’s income from revenue generated from other Players in the same month.”

How long does player revenue last? – Revenue for referred players is paid for the lifetime of the player’s activity.

Are earnings from different products bundled – Yes.

Are earnings from different brands bundled – Yes.

Tracking Cookies Duration – No information listed.

Tracking Cookies Overwritten – No information listed.

General Information

Verticals – Casino, Live Casino, Sportsbook

Contact Details

Email –

Phone – +442072787559

Address – Bahnhofstrasse 10
6300 Zug

Country Restrictions for Players – Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom

Country Restrictions for Affiliates – None

Languages Available for players – English


United Kingdom Gambling Commission

Software providers used – iSoftBet, Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Play N Go

Program Reputation

Player Issues – The Argyle Partners properties carry predatory progressive jackpot withdrawal and dormancy terms.

Affiliate Issues – We are not aware of any affiliate issues with Argyle Partners.


As far as players go we would not recommend they play with operators that carry the predatory progressive jackpot withdrawal and dormancy terms that these operators do. We wouldn’t fault other affiliates for working with this program on that basis, but these are not the best options for players.

And their affiliate terms are much the same. A Minimum Activity Quota, discretionary negative carry over, very high minimum payment threshold and poor revenue ladder all combine to make a program that’s not a good choice for affiliates.

This affiliate program is recommended

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